Do you ever find yourself feeling?

  • Frustrated and worn out, physically and emotionally…
  • Tired of leaving things unfinished yet still unable to complete certain tasks…
  • Wanting to double your sense of achievement and joy in life but not sure how…

Your answer is here.



Check out the BLOG and read about how MAKE IT HAPPEN has changed people’s lives:

  • Canadian Author Judy Pollard Smith  jump started her latest book and moved her past a four year case of writer’s block.
  • How Kathy Van Orman overcame a lifelong fear of water and learned to swim in yes, just ten minutes a day.
  • How a woman named Chris, who was suffering with fibro myalgia and severe back pain, found her way back to life and also experienced unexpected pain relief by approaching a task with the MAKE IT HAPPEN method.

MAKE IT HAPPEN is one of the best motivational books around.

Why? Because it reveals a new, simple, step by step method of how to change your life. Day by Day. In Ten Minutes a Day. If you are a busy person – and who isn’t? – this book is for you.

Got a question, comment or success story? Please write. I love to hear from people. – Lorne Holden